Nature Kids Solano: Waterfront Play & Exploration, Benicia

Waterfront Play & Exploration, Benicia

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


1st Street Beach

Benicia State Park

9th Street Beach

Matthew Turner Shipyard Park 

Our group has frequently visited several Benicia waterfront locations:

- 9th Street Park Beach - walk down the path past the playground area to find the beach.

- 1st Street Beach - a small beach area to play and dig in the sand, located off the roundabout at the end of 1st Street.

- Benicia State Park - a lovely walking path and scenic views.

- Matthew Turner Park - a small but fantastic area to picnic, play and explore the rocky waterfront.

Kid-friendly: Yes, but extra supervision is needed due to water.

Fees: None required for 9th St Beach - large parking lot; bathroom available in lot. Benicia State Park - parking fee requires. 1st St Beach - parking lot in Benicia Pier area, or off the greens area at corner of 1st and J Streets; no parking fee.

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