Nature Kids Solano: GUIDELINES


Guidelines for Participation

We don't have many, but we do have a few rules and guidelines to adhere to; it's more about common sense and showing grace and courtesy to others and wildlife. 


  • Parent participation/supervision is required. Each parent/caregiver is responsible to supervise their own child(ren), and also are the ones who are in charge of what kind of activities their children will/will not participate in. We don't share responsibilities of other children during the playgroup days. If a child is in our group, one of the parents or caregiver is there as well. We not only ask parents to be responsible for their children, we also expect them to actively participate. This is a community group and not a service provided (our group is not a babysitting service). Nature Kids Solano is a community group is for parents and kids to connect with each other and nature. Our group serves families and their children only (not daycare or local schools).
  • Please do not bring dogs to playgroup. We are big animal lovers, but some kids in our group may be afraid of them, and it's best to prevent potential injury or bites to our children.
  • We encourage your child to play with sticks, rocks, and other natural materials. However, we have important rules that will be enforced: no sticks longer than your child's arm; do not use sticks as weapons; and please no throwing of rocks at each other or wildlife. Please do not allow your child to chase or harm wildlife.
  • We do meet up in all weather, but we reserve the right to cancel due to inclement weather (thunder, excessive rain, cold snap, or heat and smog alerts).
  • No hitting, biting, kicking or other unacceptable behaviors will be tolerated. Please tend to your child and make corrections promptly, and as needed. If required, we may kindly ask that you and your child refrain from future playgroup activities until behaviors are corrected.
  • While playgroup should be fun and energetic, we feel it is a great time to be kind and respectful to others -- parents, children, wildlife, and nature. We request all participants help lead by example, demonstrating grace, courtesy, awareness, and sharing skills. Please re-direct your child's behavior if aggression is displayed.
  • Our biggest guideline... let's have fun and explore!


What to Wear

Dress for a mess! There's no bad weather, just bad clothing options. We will meet in all weather conditions, so please dress accordingly. Wear clothes or shoes/rain boots you don't mind getting dirty or wet, and dress in layers. During rainy weather, please wear rain gear (boots, jacket, hat, and gloves).

We suggest bringing a change of clothes and shoes for your kids to change into at the end of playgroup.


What to Bring

Please bring your own sack lunch/snacks, water, hats, jackets, SPF, and an outdoor blanket for you and your kids. Please use reusable containers, whenever possible, and we encourage you to pack healthy items. And be prepared to pack out your own trash home since there may not be a waste receptacle nearby.



You can expect to get messy, explore nature and have fun! Each playgroup date will be different, but you can expect creative learning and physical activity. Example: we enjoy a scavenger hunt, or we may bring musical instruments, building materials, or art and crafts to select playgroup events. Details will be in our group calendar.


Allergy Alert

We recognize the importance of preventing illness or injury. However, we can not guarantee an allergy-free or nut-free environment. We will do our best to send out an allergy alert announcement per playgroup event. It is the parent/caregiver's responsibility to help keep your child safe.



Nature Kids Solano is not responsible for any injury to you and your child. Registration and photo release forms are required to join and participate in NKS playgroup (no exceptions - CLICK HERE for form). 


Due to COVID-19, our group meetings, classes, and field trips will be required to follow any current health and safety guidelines, as needed.

We are a multi-age outdoor nature club, homeschool group, and virtual homeschool co-op -- current age range is primarily grades K through 8. However, children of all ages are welcome to participate. Our group welcomes all families, but for the enjoyment of members and the benefit of diversity and being inclusive, we are a political- and religious-free zone. 

Additional Fees: Though we try our best to visit free locations or events, members are responsible for any parking fee, bridge toll or additional entrance fees associated with playgroup events. There may be occasional art/craft supplies reimbursement request fees for select playgroup events (you could expect approximately $5-10 per member to cover costs). Field trips or a private class will be paid by the members directly to the teacher or field trip location. Any fees will be indicated per event posting. 

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