Nature Kids Solano: Mare Island Museum

Mare Island Museum

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Our group enjoyed a fabulous and informative field trip to Mare Island Museum, and picnicked and played at Alden Park afterward. Special thanks to Joyce for our awesome museum tour. 
Living history (we are lucky to have so much local history in Solano and No CA, in general) is so much more enjoyable than textbook work any day, the kids just soak it up. Mare Island Museum is loaded with decades of information and artifacts. We look forward visiting over several trips to really take it all in. The kids were impressed that the Bumble Bee🐝Transformer movie was shot here. Lovely families and glorious weather made for a perfect morning. 

Thanks to all of the families that made it out. I know it’s not easy sometimes. But please know you make NKS group what it is, and your children will be so thankful for the cherished memories you are making together. 
We have many great outdoor outings coming up, and look forward to sprinkling the schedule with additional unplugged play meetups.  Come join the fun -
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