Nature Kids Solano: Olive Picking, Eat Well Farm, Dixon

Olive Picking, Eat Well Farm, Dixon

Friday, March 3, 2017

Website: Eat Well Farm

Location:  5835 Sievers Road, Dixon, CA

Fees: Not open to the public, but they occasionally host members-only and public events.
Our group was able to schedule a visit, as they needed olives picked. Such a great experience!

About: Sitting on 105 acres of all organic, pasture-raised, down-to-earth, crunchy-fresh, farm heaven, Eatwell Farm (just outside Dixon, CA) has been providing members (JOIN!) with amazing, fresh-picked produce and pasture-raised chicken eggs for over 20 years. They grow hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables to ensure a year-round, diverse variety of the best produce for our members and to ensure that our cornucopia is as resilient as it is varied and sustainably grown. Click here for a lovely article about the farm and its practices.
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