Nature Kids Solano: Mare Island Heritage Preserve, Vallejo

Mare Island Heritage Preserve, Vallejo

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Website: Mare Island Heritage Preserve

Location: 167 O'Hara Court @ Azuar Dr Mare Island, Vallejo, California 94592

Hours: Open Fri, Sat and Sun and holidays only -- unless otherwise noted, see their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Fees: Donation-based -- donation boxes are located at start of walking path and in the visitor's center.

About: For outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, photographers and artists, the southern "original" Mare Island Hill and Historic Shoreline is an unique parkland. On behalf of the Mare Island Heritage Trust, I invite you to hike, bike, explore, paint, contemplate, picnic and participate in tours, outings and events at the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve. Visit the Preserve open Friday through Sunday and holidays 10:00am-to one hour following sunset.

The Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve is a 215-acre park located at the south end of Mare Island on land that formerly served as the U.S. Navy's first Naval Ammunition Depot, founded in 1857. Until we opened it for regularly scheduled access in April 2008, the land was off-limits to the public due to past sensitive Navy munitions production and storage operations and more recent environmental cleanup.

The property was granted by the California Legislature through the State Lands Commission to the City of Vallejo for development as a historic and nature focused park for all Californians in 2002. As an all volunteer group we are committed to providing for regular public use of the first phase of the regional park that includes the oldest naval cemetery in the Pacific, founded in 1858 and the 130 acres leading to the hilltop vista point. Access is through arrangements with the U.S. Navy and the City of Vallejo.

It takes a host of individuals, non-profit groups, agencies, local and regional businesses, corporations and foundations working together to realize the reuse of abandoned military property like this site as parkland.

+ We took a nature walk to Rowser Garden, and then up the hill further to the spirit ship structure, and then we walked to the bunkers, where the kids were able to scream at the top of their lungs in near darkness (they loved it!). It was a bit of a trek for little ones, but the older kids 3-4 years and up had no trouble. An old tire swing hangs on a tree near Rowser Garden, for extra playtime. A delightful walk, and lots of history to learn about in the visitor's center.  In the fall and winter season, you'll likely find the flock of turkeys foraging the hills. When you reach the top, you will enjoy the breathtaking 360-view of the entire Bay area, and beyond. Click here for additional highlights.

Spirit Ship at the top Mare Island Heritage Preserve

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