Nature Kids Solano: Meridian Jacobs Farm Tour, Vacaville

Meridian Jacobs Farm Tour, Vacaville

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Website: Meridian Jacobs Farm

Location: 811 North Meridian Road, Vacaville, CA

Hours: Check their visitors page for current information. Meridian Jacobs Shop is open most Thursdays and some Saturdays, during classes and events, or by appointment.

Fees: Field trips and events vary is price.

About: From their website - Meridian Jacobs farm and shop are located near Vacaville, California, on the western edge of the Sacramento Valley. Our flock of 60+ Jacob sheep supply us with unique spotted wool for hand-spinning, knitting, and weaving. All sheep are registered with the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association (JSBA), and we sell ewes, lambs, and rams at reasonable prices. In addition to selling breeding stock and pet sheep, we also sell lambs for the freezer. Our enthusiastic customers say that our Jacob sheep provide the best lamb they've ever eaten.

High quality fiber is the emphasis at Meridian Jacobs. We sell the wool from our Jacob sheep as fleeces, sliver (roving), yarn, and handwoven blankets and are proud of our reputation in the fiber community.

We are Ashford, Schacht, and Clemes and Clemes dealers and carry all wheels, looms, and related products as well as a number of gift items.

Spinning, weaving and dyeing classes are taught at the Shop and Robin also teaches workshops off-site for guilds or other groups. New and old fiber friends gather monthly at the Shop for Spinners' Day Out and Spinners' Night Out.

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