Nature Kids Solano: Lucky Ones Ranch, Vacaville

Lucky Ones Ranch, Vacaville

Friday, April 21, 2017

Website: Lucky Ones Ranch

Location: Provided per event since it's a private residence.

About: Lucky Ones Ranch is a 501c non-profit animal sanctuary, but it's also a private home. They offer birthday parties, reunions, weddings, fundraisers, and more. The owners, Thao and Vince, are the nicest, kindest folks you'll meet. The animals and ranch are well-kept. Truth be told, the animals are a bit spoiled, but they deserve it! They can always use funding support, so if your little one is having a birthday party, perhaps you can consider making it a fundraiser party or ask guests to bring items from LOR wish list, instead. Lots of ways to help.

If you get to visit with your school or sign up for one of their events, you won't be disappointed. We'd love to visit more often as a group. We always have a wonderful time. Check their Facebook page for current events.

+ Be sure to read directions provided by LOR - GPS isn't accurate.

++ Please read the animal food items list, if you'd like to feed the animals during your visit.

+++ They always have an ongoing items wish list. Please consider donating, if you can.
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